Package managers

Package managers (package management systems) a collection of software tools that automates the process of installing, upgrading, configuring, and removing software packages for a computer’s operating system in a consistent manner. Typically maintains a database of: software dependencies version information Why? to prevent software mismatches and missing pre-requisites. Binary packages Binary package management system = […]

JS Resources

Books (in order of To-Read) Beginning JavaScript found: 151020 completed: from JavascriptisSexy JavaScript for Kids. Nick Morgan found: 151014 completed: Essential JavaScript Design Patterns. Addy Osymani found ~ 151015 http://www.addyosmani.com/resources/essentialjsdesignpatterns/book/ Eloquent JavaScript.¬†Marijn Haverbeke. ONLINE¬†http://eloquentjavascript.net/index.html found ~ 151015 JavaScript Succinctly. Cody Lindley. found: 151021 completed: JavaScript: The Definitive Guide. David Flanagan by searching / reading found: […]