Journal 151022

BJS – Values, Operators, If, Else, Switch, For BJS – Wrote a little program that converted an array of 3 Fahrenheit degrees into Celcius, and output to console JS – Using ++ (unary operator ++) and — (unary operator –) throws an error in JSLint; used Brackets preferences to turn this off! (and used to […]

Journal 151015

I managed to debug something today. Some pages were not loading their images, until (it seemed) I scrolled the pages. So I went into Chrome Dev Tools, and played around for a while. Eventually went into Timeline, and used the record function,  and then by clicking on the Event “Scroll” in the visual timeline, I […]


Styled my first HTML form from scratch! Realising the value of frameworks, such as Symfony for PHP: – apparently allows forms to be created more easily / reusable… Also used my first :after :before and also :first-child:before !!! to style blockquotes with giant quotes style <ul> as display: inline-block; and <li> as text-align: left; to create center-aligned […]


Set up this blog! Initially put it in, but then I decided that that should be my portfolio site Decided on a theme = _tk created a theme = _d1 using, but I decided that it was too barren for now