Making forms in InDesign

  1. Create rectangle
  2. Duplicate (Paste in Place)
  3. Reduce size by 0.5mm on all sides (resize in Control Panel with Center Reference Point)
    1. This will give the form “padding” – there will be a small white border around the form (the rectangle behind it), but the text will look better
  4. Buttons and Forms Panel > Type > Text Field
  5. Click “multi-line” – else the form field will be vertically center-aligned, and there will only be one non-wrapping line of text!
  6. Style
    1. The “fill” of the field will be the colour that will display UPON a CLICK event
    2. ie. if it’s white, once the user enters the field, the field will turn white
    3. ie. if it’s “none”, the field will remain the (nasty) violet colour of the text field
  7. Export
    1. Interactive PDF (not print)


  1. A text frame that says “Press “TAB” for next field” – so users don’t click “Escape”, which clears form :(
  2. Name fields
  3. Set tab order

To Do

  1. Form default colour
    1. Acrobat > Preferences > Forms > Highlight colour > Choose
    2. But can’t save this into the PDF


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